On the subject of LIIIIIFE.
In list for so that I can just go and get everything out:
-I'm in love. 
-Acen was great!
-Had to take a cab to ACen
-Got there and no one was ready from staff services, which annoyed me!
-Once I got stuff done and put away, I went to work. 
-OMG. IF YOU DIDN'T GO TO ACEN FOR FEAR OF LINE CON, WORRY NO MORE! Literally the longest wait time was 30 minutes. We were beasts this year. 
-Ended up meeting new, awesome people. Jess, if you're out there, I <3 Yoooou!
-Went to work Friday morning. Early. Got shit done. 
-Test drove Pluto to see what I needed to worry about and fix for Saturday. 
-Came back and passed out after doing a little shopping. 
-More Jess and Mike drama sorta happened at that point. 
-Saturday I slept through reg work, got up and went to the Hyatt to go debut Project Glitter. 
-Ended up waiting around and helping others finish costumes for a few hours. Mildly annoying, but its all good. I'm just sad we missed our photoshoot. :/
-Realized that Nylons are the key to keeping boot covers up. 
-Realized that my wig is GROSS.
-I'm in love. 
-Wore Pluto out and about with the group. TOTALLY AWESOME. 
-Took some pics, went to dinner and panel. 
-Panel was SUPER FUN, although I knew, like, NO answers. 
-Creepy Uranus guy was creepy. 
-Mike and Jess drama got sort of resolved. 
-Went back and passed out instead of doing really intense Witchgirls work because I couldn't feel my feet. 
-Make a note that the feeling came back in my feet 3 days later. 
-I should probably get different shoes. :/
-Slept in. 
-Packed up. 
-Decided against wearing Pluto again because of the pain in my feet, it probably wasn't healthy to wear them again. 
-Realized that any pain tolerance for feet pain and such that I had built up in dance is now GONE. 
-Took pictures all day for Jess, Dani, Kearstin, etc. 
-Had a blast hanging out with everyone. 
-Went to the boys. 
-Was in love. 
-Read comics. 
-Watched movies. 
-OH. At Acen there was Adam! Who is Jess's ex-homecoming date guy, who got significantly cuter since we last saw him, and he was doing AWESOME magic tricks. /swoon!
-Deathcom.net cannot post photos and videos fast enough!
-I really want internet at my house. 
-I started work back up. 
-I'm getting a car. 
-I'm in looooooove. 
-I'm hoping to get a job at where ikearstin works, if not somewhere similar. I can't do this Portillo's shit anymore. 
-I've been told that I'm as eccentric in person as I seem online. like six times.  HA. Yeah.
-I'm thinking of doing a Sailor Mars costume. 
-I should get sewing for Wizard/ChicagoComicCon/Whateverthefuckitscalled.
-I'm helping Chris with his Magneto costume
-He bought me a plushie as commission for helping him LOL. 
-I hope he realizes he still has to pay for fabric. LOL
-I need a waaaax. 
-I need hair dye. 
-The boy made me a key to his apt. 
-I found out that my dad has a 12G shotgun under his bed. 
-I'm getting the fuck out of here as soon as possible. 
-I was hoping to have pics from ACen edited already! I only took like six of them!
-I need a new background. P: 
-I want to take photos. 
-I'm buying an ipod, mac, nikon (DigSLR and point and shoot), clothes, and key caps with my monnney! 
-How am I going to break the news to Shradha that I might not be going back to Loyola. 
-Oh yeah, I might not be going back to Loyola next semester due to wonderful $$$ issues. 
-I wonder how fast I type....
-I'm going to take a test now.


Tell me what you think!

I was up till five working on it. Be kind! 


Just send me a message if you want to be added! :D


Anything you can do:
I can do anything better than you....Collapse )
Things to do to make this costume better:
1. Loose weight D:
2. Get a hair cut (is going to happen anyways, I'm just gonna get it cut like Yuna's to start and see what happens from there.
     -getting a better system for putting it on
     -take it in
     -insert sheer mesh behind symbol in order to give structure for my boobs to NOT sag out of. D:
4. Redo the arm bands and add wrist band
5. Add turqoiuse embellishments to the belt
6. Get the guns and make em right.
7. Lace boots correctly (the boots as seen here had laces in them that were too short to go through all of the bazillion holes so they got put like this. xD)

Yay! New computer is here! My old one died, so my dad was kind enough to go out and get a new one for me. <3

I have mixed feelings towards him most of the time, but I mean, hey, he is my dad.

Anywho, just thought that i'd share.

Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)
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Rain (G Gundam) Pilot Suit Thing
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Ideas for creating the costume:
body:buy one white gloved and footed unitard (a size too big), cut and seperate pieces, dye seperate batches, sew back together.
accessories: tutorial on creating foamies armor.
weapons: buy a bow, modify and paint pink???

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